Customer Testimonials

George T. AFGE

"I purchased a used 2014 Toyota Avalon From a UAP Dealer located in Atlanta that delivered the vehicle to my home in Florida. At the time, I didn't think much about the lifetime powertrain warranty. Unfortunately, my transmission went out the factory warranty expired one month prior and the dealer informed me it would be 3,745 to fix it. I paid zero because my transmission is covered by the lifetime powertrain warranty. THANK YOU UNION AUTO PROGRAM for doing something for union members. I urge all members to look at this program before buying a truck or car."

Jimmy, Oklahoma AFL-CIO

"It was the best car buying experience I have ever had and the no hassle price was great! Plus, a free lifetime warranty. This program is fantastic and I encourage union members to use it before buying a new or used vehicle."

Jairus C.

"The union auto program was very helpful from start to finish! My car died on me and my credit was not the best but within 3 weeks I was able to get into a new vehicle with benefits and lifetime warranty! My rep, Justin walked me through everything and emphasized with my situation being a 30 year old man getting back on his feet. I am forever grateful and will prove I'm worth the risk! The union really cares about its members New and Old! Thank you again!"

Kevin, IATSE Local 479

"Thank you. This has been the best vehicle purchase ever. First time I've ever left a dealership feeling like I got a deal!"

Charlie F. GA AFL-CIO

"As president of the Georgia AFL-CIO, I can testify that when I purchased a new American Union Made Vehicle through the program, the process was simple, with no hassles, and I received the lifetime powertrain warranty for free. We want to encourage all our members to give the program a try and hopefully when you purchase a new vehicle it will be an American Union Made Vehicle!"